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Do you ever feel so overwhelmed?  Do you feel like you just can’t handle it all alone?  There is just too much for one person to do.  You have to get lesson plans ready for classes all day long, every day.  And you never have time to do it, because you also have to actually teach during those hours.

Do you sometimes feel like you need a whole foYour Forumrum of people just to help you with all the things you need to get done?

Well, never fear!  We’ve got your back!  We have just installed a new set of forums at ScholarTechOnline.  If you need ideas for upcoming lessons — how to integrate technology and still teach what the curriculum guide says you have to teach, come on over to the forums and ask for help.  If you need help learning how to use technology, come on over to the forums and ask for help.

Or, maybe you are good with technology.  You can pretty much take care of yourself, but you are about to explode with all the good ideas that you know about.  If so, come on over to the forum and let us know about those ideas.  We would love to hear them.

This morning, I added some Free Fall PowerPoint Templates .

Feel free to use these as you like. No linkback is required. However, linkbacks and comments are always welcome.


Fall Into These Fall Elementary Technology Websites – Part 1


Free Fall Clipart for Elementary Technology

Clip art copyrighted by Bobbie Peachey, webclipart.about.com

If you are an elementary teacher who loves elementary technology, you’ve come to the right place to find a great set of resources for fall. I’ve collected a set of websites that will help you to have a great fall.
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Here are some ways that you can use Google Earth to study a country with your students.

Can you think of other ways? Let me know in the comments section.

Are you without a document camera? Have you wished you had one? Or, maybe you have one in your classroom, but you can think of so many activities you could do if you had more than one.

I discovered an article on my RSS feed called A GeekyMomma’s Blog: The IPEVO Document Camera at $69.00!! Check this out. The reviews seem to be good. And, who can argue with a $69 document camera?

We have all heard it. Teachers everywhere complain because school districts want them to use more technology. Teachers complain because they only have one computer in the room. How can they use more technology when everyone doesn’t have a computer to use?

School districts return the facts that they can’t get a computer for every student. Especially in these days of budget cutbacks, there is no funding to supply every student with a computer.

But, many times we forget. Almost every student in our classroom already has a computer. No, I understand that a lot of them will tell you “We don’t have internet at home”. But, I would say that almost every single one of them have a computer in their backpack, pocket, desk, somewhere. They are just hiding them from us.

Why are they hiding them? They have to hide them because the school bans computers. What?? Yes, that’s what I said. The very school that complains of not having enough money to supply every child with a computer bans computers.

I found a very interesing read this morning from Blue Skunk Blog about how using the same logic for banning cellphones, PDAs, etc, we would also have to ban pencils.

What do you think? Instead of thinking of how to ban these devices and keep them banned, maybe we should be brainstorming ways to make sure they are used for good?

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