Educational Technology: The Week in Rap

I just saw in my RSS feed that Richard Byrne posted a blog at about a site called The Week in Rap. So, I went over to check it out.

Here is an example of this week’s rap.

The site is created by an organization called Flocabulary and the raps are written by Flocabulary artists.

Each Friday, they publish a new video of the week’s news in a video rap format. I know for some the first thought is “Can I show it to my kids if it is rap?” because rap seems to have gotten a bad rep of having inappropriate language and themes. However, these videos are designed, specifically for classroom usage. So, while it is probably a good idea to preview anything you use in a classroom, you can also rest assured that this is being created for a classroom.

They seem to be a great way to draw interest and inform about current events. What do you think? Have you used this in your classroom? If so, what has been your experience? If not, do you see potential problems? benefits?

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