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My name is Michelle Rogers and I have come full circle.

Many years ago, I started out by receiving an Associate’s Degree in Vocal Music Performance. This was not the beginning, nor the end of my musical experience.  I had been singing solos in church, since I was three years old.  I had also sang in various ensembles and choirs, since that time.  Over the years, I have also been the pianist/keyboardist for various church and youth group bands and worship services.   I have also organized various teams of youth and children  to do human videos, choirs, ensembles, skits, and non-standard percussion performances.

When I transferred to a four-year college, I had decided that I wanted to get a degree in education and teach. So, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

While working on that degree, I did some substituting jobs and “got my feet wet”. When I finally finished the degree, there were no available jobs in Alabama, where I lived.

I eventually ended up moving to Cherokee, North Carolina to accept a position, teaching sixth grade on in the Cherokee Elementary School on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. I was totally immersed in that environment, as I initially rented a house right behind the school, where my two sons and I lived.

My two sons were able to learn a lot about Cherokee language and customs (they won awards almost yearly for highest honors in Cherokee language classes). We were able to participate in a lot of events that gave us a lot of cultural background about Indians, in general, (and yes, they do call themselves Indians) and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, in particular.

At almost any assembly, we would be entertained by Cherokee singers and dancers.  Many times we had visits from storytellers.  I am familiar with many Cherokee legends.  On special occasions, the school lunchroom even served traditional Cherokee food.

Because the school was able to access a large amount of grant money, I was able to work with access to much technology. I was one of the first teachers to have a SmartBoard in my classroom, and soon after added an ELMO projector. I had a class set of Palm Pilots, and DataLoggers (the scientific version of a graphing calculator, which has probes to collect the data being graphed). I had access to a class set of laptops. I taught sixth grade science, and was able to get a good deal of science equipment and other technology through a grant that sent me to be trained through the GLOBE program.

I was able to attend many fascinating workshops all over the country.  Here are just a few examples.   I attended a Native American Educational conference in New MexicoI attended Confratute at the University of Connecticut, which is one of the major Gifted Conferences.  I was also able to attend a National NAGC Convention (National Association for Gifted Children).

One of the things that I enjoyed the most was that I was sent to Educator Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  I ended up being the Commander of the shuttle mission!  And, I even sat across from Christa McAuliffe’s mother (Grace Corrigan) to eat, one night!

While at Cherokee, my class was usually “the inclusion class”, which meant the bulk of the inclusion students were in my homeroom class.  We kept our homeroom much of the day, there.  I guess you could sort of call it a modified middle school design.  The sixth grade was located in an elementary school, but we did departmentalize to some extent.

During my time at Cherokee, I coded an online system for the sixth grade teachers to use to keep up with student behavior, participation, etc. Teachers were able to post events, comments, etc. online, so that when students returned to their homerooms, the homeroom teachers knew exactly how the student’s day had gone, just by a simple glance at the password-protected website.

While I was at Cherokee, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Technology.

After receiving this degree, I was able to get a second job, teaching graduate level classes for Grand Canyon University, online.  At GCU, I currently teach classroom management, educational technology, educational psychology, and online college orientation classes.

As exciting as all of this was, both myself and my boys missed “home”.  So, after seven years, I eventually found a job back in Alabama.  It wasn’t quite all the way home, but it was a lot closer.

I taught first and third grades in Wetumpka, Alabama for a total of three years.  During this time, I used the Scott Foresman Reading Street curriculum to fidelity and back to faithfulness (if you use the series, you will probably understand the “inside joke”).  I received AMSTI training at Auburn University.  I also received ARI training from the State Department of Education , who came to Wetumpka to do ARI training, under a pilot program.

One “silly little thing” that I had forgotten, while working on the Cherokee Reservation was something called “tenure and the public school system”.  Although, we had also changed governmental administration, by the time I returned to Alabama, as well.

At any rate, seven days before I would have received tenure in Alabama, the principal walked in to tell me that my contract would not be renewed.  Granted, the Elmore County school system had just advertised a few days ago that they had worked out the budget and would not have to reduce personnel because of budget issues.  However, the truth of the matter was that third year teachers (the ones who were not tenured but would become tenured at the end of the year) were non-renewed for “no reason”.  Why?  Because if teachers aren’t tenured yet, you can do that.  And, you can still advertise that you didn’t have to make personnel budget cutbacks.

Anyway, enough of that.

The reality is that now I find myself back “home”, in Coffee County, Alabama.  So, what am I doing here?

Well, I still teach for Grand Canyon University, online.

I manage several websites.  You can find them here.

ScholarTech Consulting

A site about how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Distance Learning Helps

A site designed to give you helps, tips, and ideas of how to succeed if you are taking online classes.

Substitute Teaching

A site to provide classroom teachers with my qualifications for substitute teaching, as well as to give other substitutes ideas, tips, and plans for how to get started and how to succeed at substitute teaching.

KidsSermons by ElectroKids

A site to provide tips, helps, ideas, and activities for children’s ministers.

Daily Bible Devotionals

Just my own personal thoughts and devotionals

And, I just got signed up to substitute teach with Coffee County and Enterprise City schools. So, that’s why I started this page.  This page will both chronicle my own journey, as well as provide helps and ideas for those who are on the same journey.

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