Because the school on the Cherokee Reservation was able to access a large amount of grant money, I was able to work with access to much technology. I was one of the first teachers to have a SmartBoard in my classroom, and soon after added an ELMO projector. I had a class set of Palm Pilots, and DataLoggers (the scientific version of a graphing calculator, which has probes to collect the data being graphed). I had access to a class set of laptops. I taught sixth grade science, and was able to get a good deal of science equipment and other technology through a grant that sent me to be trained through the GLOBE program.

During my time at Cherokee, I coded an online system for the sixth grade teachers to use to keep up with student behavior, participation, etc. Teachers were able to post events, comments, etc. online, so that when students returned to their homerooms, the homeroom teachers knew exactly how the student’s day had gone, just by a simple glance at the password-protected website.

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